Exposing the World to what Christians do and have to offer, while connecting the entire family of Christ.

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Who Are We?

The Sohrs (pronounced source) is an internet resource of databases which collects Christian information in four categories. These categories include: churches, organizations, resources, and entertainment and within these four categories encompasses much, much, more. aims to be the first and only resource for every Christian church on the planet, maintain information on every Christian organization, house every available Christian resource, and promote every Christian entertainment avenue known to man. 

See What We're Doing!

The Sohrs has taken a highly active role in connecting followers of Christ 

through social media. We believe that today's technology has created a

communication pathway that will allow us to reach masses that are un-thinkable and spread the love of Christ while providing resources to those 

who need it the most.  Through our "Get Sohrs'd" campaign we aim to take back Sunday's for Christ. Each week we post a new topic used to engage our followers and allow them to show the world what Christians do.


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